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Sacred Magic of the Winged Dragon

The Key to the St. Germain Code by Iona Miller, 2007


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Longevity the Really Olde-Fashioned Way

Formless am I to the Light-Soul,
formless yet shining with light.
Know I the bonds of the darkness
must shatter and fall before light.




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THE TRIANGULAR BOOK OF SAINT-GERMAIN consists of 24 triangular leaves of parchment, 44 manuscript pages, nine inches on each side in a hog-skin cover. A plush-lined case with the figure of a dragon has kept it in pristine shape. The cypher consists of twenty-six arbitrary characters, translatable by frequency.



Presto Chango Manifesto

The Dragon lineage holds the secret to longevity and transcendence. St. Germain was an alchemist renown for his longevity and youthful appearance. Alchemy begins and ends in the quest for eternal life. It is a spiritual technology of rebirth using natural methods that in their effect transcend nature by amplifying that which is immortal within us. It does not exist in nature but must be prepared by Art. Art is a form of manifesting, making and objectifying the world - spiritual physics.

Artists and mystics are aware of their own internal space and thus able to enter it, playing the mindbody like a musical instrument. Looking inside, they see the true nature of reality and can express that literally and symbolically. We all possess the creative potential. All creative acts are a marriage of spirit and matter, reaching down into the body as the source of our essential being and becoming.

Today, we might describe this resonance as accessing energy that regenerates the mindbody. Healing is an aspect of creativity; nature is within and without us. The Magus does not dominate reality but develops embodied psychophysical equilibrium, clarity, wisdom and compassion.

Creative work originates in the body and is projected out into the world. The projections are then internalized into awareness. The bodymind of the artist is an alchemical vessel containing the creative flux during the process of transformation. Awareness and consciousness form a continuous alchemical movement. The creative gold is generated and embodied in the alembic of the mindbody. The mindbody is the same substance as the Cosmos and contains and reveals its mysteries.

Alchemy reduces all to the first state, the ground state of being - original experience that is timeless, infinite. The classical Void, the quantum vacuum is a carrier of information. The energy body or the field body connects us with the negentropic potential of the zero-point field. Radiant light literally emerges from this mystic void. Primordial structuring processes are common to both psyche and matter, working in the gap or empty interval between intention and action.

So, alchemy refines the way the mindbody generates and processes inherent light as medicine. It refines the aspirant's ability for tapping and amplifying Medicine Light. This primordial state is the luminous ground of our being, hidden deep in the heart of things.

All other goals are subordinate to this prime directive which includes meditative techniques for continuing consciousness after death. This Philosopher's Stone is also the Universal Medicine, the regenerative Elixir of Life. The greatest mystery is the LIFE IN DEATH: we don't die but continue in transcendent form. This is the virtual secret of man and nature.


Philosopher's Stone: Man is a microcosm holding the keys to all three kingdoms within himself as the “Thrice Great Hermes.” The athenor of the human body contains within it all that is needed to produce the great circulation. The fire, the First and Last Matter, and the vessel are “One.” Nothing needs to be added to the Stone, except the removal of the impurities that surround and drown it. Raise the fire, evaporate the superfluidities and burn off the dross which inhibits its energy to liberate the Light in its fullest expression. This is the secret of Eternal Life. Light is the root of life in death.



Tale of Two Adepts

St. Germain had The Secret. That secret became a legacy of Manly Palmer Hall and his Philosophical Research Society (PRS). It was the supreme treasure of his vault. It now resides in the Getty Research Institute, likewise deep in their library vaults.

This master adept, called the wisest in Europe, reserved his greatest gift, the two books he wrote, for his wisest companions. St. Germaine recorded his version of The Secret to health, wealth and long life in his legendary TRIANGLE BOOK, and apparently made copies for his closest circle of initiates. But, perhaps even then, the entire secret was never entrusted to a single individual, as the copies of the book are not identical, containing different illustrations.

We might deduce that to properly work the formulae in the book, one required the Emblems and Sigils it described. Is this why Manly Palmer Hall possessed two copies of the book, each with different glyphs? It begs the point, were there other copies with even more illustrations required to initiate the whole current -- to attain magical immortality?

The TRIANGLE BOOK (or Triangular Book) differs from many alchemical texts in its language, being more of a ritual invocation than a recipe. Naturally, St. Germain made marvelous plant and herbal medicines (spagyrics) but this book is not about that but about the qualitative Universal Medicine. Meditation is required for all spiritual pursuits, including alchemy, qabalah and magic.

What we know is that both St. Germain and Manly Palmer Hall lived to a ripe old age and remained mentally vibrant, each a great adept of his own era. Can this obscure arcane text -- one of the rarest occult manuscripts -- be the secret of their longevity? The book is alleged to be Egyptian in origin. MPH, himself, can be seen with the book in the frontpiec portrait in his FREEMASONRY OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS.

Here, for possibly the first time ever, the text translation appears publically with the withheld 5 illustrations of the two copies. Even in the originals, it is difficult to make out the precise glyphs of the sigils, but arguably their magical potency is intact. Sigils and emblems often contain hidden meanings, since they are a visual shorthand which can be "read" for their symbolism. Carl Jung used this method as the traditional basis of his alchemically inspired psychology.

Secrets have a way of keeping themselves, even when hiding in plain sight. The quality of these online reproductions is limited by the photographic slides of the originals. They were taken during the 1970s surrepetitiously in the PRS vault, most likely for another famous 20th Century adept. We can only conjecture why he might have to resort to such chicanery but such shenanigans are commonly reported in occult circles. Today, PRS says the book is available for view as a photocopy or microfilm.


The other missing element has been the cryptographic key to the cipher text. It is highly possible that other secrets remain "buried" in the text for those astute enough to "dive deeply" or "mine" this metaphysical database. Surely the surface text is just the tip of the alchemical iceberg.

One might immediately suspect even the Latin title page itself, which contains the intention of the author that this wisdom is a great gift for the wisest. Even the French text itself may be riddled with undiscovered ciphers, for St. Germain is known to have encoded secrets in up to eight languages at once -- mixing them together freely to further conceal their treasure.

The cryptographic text could still potentially conceal a variety of ciphers that should be explored as possibilities: simple substitution ciphers, key ciphers, wheel ciphers, Hermetic and qabbalistic ciphers, number codes, etc. A plethora of crypto methods were in common use at the time Comte de St. Germain either wrote the book, or transcribed it from an ancient text in his possession. The later is certainly possible because of the mention of its source in Egypt and its preservation in Asia described at the beginning of the translation.




The unusual triangular shape of the book itself implies the Three Principles of alchemy -- Salt, Mercury and Sulpher -- body, soul and spirit. The triangle itself upright is a symbol of fire; reversed of water; and interlaced of the union of opposites.

The triangle form could also suggest a triple meaning for the contents of the book: alchemy, qabalism and Hermeticism. It is a recipe not only for experiencing a symbol in one's inner world but for manifesting it in reality, for becoming a living embodiment.

The triangle is a 2-dimensional representation of a pyramid, a virtual resurrection machine. There are 20 triangular faces in an icosahedron, eight in an octahedron, four in a tetahedron, etc. The triangle, or tetrahedron is the geometric basis of all forms. Precious stones exhibit crystal structures. The structure of the diamond, face-centered cubic close pack, is related to the alchemical squaring of the circle.

The Tetrahedron is the most basic shape to be found in the three dimensional universe of volume. The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is actually two tetrahedrons interlocked to form a three-demensional Star of David.


The configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first eight cells of life and remains fixed at the base of the spine throughout one’s life. The Star Tetrahedron also models the energetic body of the human being, the blending of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female and was known in esoteric knowledge of Ancient Egypt as the ‘Merkaba’.


In legend, the Philosopher's Stone is kept in the custody of the reawakened Dragon, the Adept who inhabits his or her Body of Light. Alchemy itself is a triple process of uniting the physical, psychological and spiritual. In Masonry, each line of the triangle itself symbolizes a kingdom of nature -- mineral, vegetable and animal. They stand for explorations the Master Mason needs for a complete education.

All these points may be clues to the nature of the "winged dragon" of the title page of The Triangle Book. In alchemy it is a symbol of the volatile elements. The winged dragon appears as a symbol of coagulatio in other alchemy texts, suggesting the pandaemonium of psychic images.

Psychologically, the dragon is the union of ordinary human reality with the Transpersonal Self and a passion for transformation. Some now say it is a symbol of DNA or the kundalini energy. Thus, it is a symbol of the Great Work.

The winged dragon is the symbolic superstar of The Triangle Book. In The Book of Lambspring. this winged dragon represents the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World, which is the sum total of planetary existence -- the holographic blueprint on which form is based, informational level or primal source of being. It is said that medicine providing the gift of youth can be made from its venom.

The dragon is a healing power. The spiritual food of immortality signifies the ability of the ego to assimilate the previously unconscious aspects of the Self. This is the elixer of youth that creates the immortal body, equivalent to the Philosopher's Stone. The invocation with powerful godnames is combined with the dragon emblem to initiate the current. The rite couldn't be practiced without the Emblems and Sigils and perhaps the bloodline.


Secrets of the Dragon

The untold tale of St. Germain and the Dragon is hinted at in the first sentence of his Triangle Book: “The Holy Magic revealed to Moses discovered within an Egyptian monument and preciously preserved in Asia under the emblem of a winged dragon.”

This is the secret "hidden since before the Great Flood"…a dual secret of mythic immortality and divine lineage. At first this might seem like a strictly alchemical statement, but then we know there is no such thing for alchemy has many layers of meaning, and ciphers add more. Nothing is simply what it seems.

So, we must ask specifically, what did this winged dragon mean to St. Germain? What does it mean in the context of the Triangle Book? Where did the book come from? Was it an heirloom of his family, a treasure from the Medicis, or St. Germain's own artistic alchemical manifesto -- a virtuoso piece, uniting all his fantasies about his family, his heritage and his aspirations for life extension and magical illumination.

The Medicis who later fostered young St. Germain were the first to print the Corpus Hermeticum (1460). They thought it was ancient Egyptian though the writings attributed to Hermes Trimegestus are from 100-300 CE. Though they are post-pharaohonic (Cleopatra reigned as last pharaoh 51-30BC) research suggests the eclectic texts have a basis in that ancient culture before Greek rulers made Thoth synonymous with Hermes. Whatever their origin, the young Count could not have avoided reading them with great interest and embracing their philosophy.



In alchemy, things are never what they seem, having layer upon layer of symbolic and cryptographic meaning. Anyone who finds the surface content of THE TRIANGLE BOOK disappointing, likely hasn't gone deep enough. If escaping persecution wasn't persuasive enough reason to encode one's alchemical knowledge, it also provided a veil from the profane, the uninitiated.

To really Know, To Will, To Dare, and Keep Silent requires making the alchemical experiment oneself -- that is the meaning of the "I" in the Triangle. The secret is in the power and the power is in the secret, because it is an experiential process and cannot be conveyed in any other way.


The Triangular Book
of the Count of St. Germain

 Translated by Robert Word

The Holy Magic revealed to Moses discovered within an Egyptian monument
and preciously preserved in Asia under the emblem of a winged dragon.

1. To find things lost in the seas since the flooding of the globe. 2.
To discover mines and diamonds, gold and silver within the bowels of
the earth. 3. To preserve one's health and prolong one's life for a
century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of
that age. You should do your operations for the first two objects only
when the sun, earth, and moon are found in conjunction in the same line,
and within the same plane. As for the third marvel, you may perform the
operation at any time, but it is necessary to carry on your person a
figure like that which you see here.

You shall take an appropriate vase (made of any material) and fill it
with fire which you shall exorcise in the following manner:

O Creature of Fire, I excorcise you by Him by whom all things were made
in order that you shall remove from yourself all phantoms.

Bless it, O eternal Father, for the glory of thy holy and immortel Name.
Thou who lives and reigns through all the centuries of the centures.

A Levite which you shall have with you shall respond: AMEN. Next, you
shall bless the incense and four lamps in the following manner: O
eternal God, sovereign Being, bless this incense and these lamps in
order that their strength and their virtue shall augment the fear of
their enemies, that they may not enter herein. Thou who lives and
reigns through all the centuries of the centuries. Your Levite
responds: AMEN.

You shall pour this incense so blessed upon the fire and light the lamps
before your operations. The small concentric circle is the place which
you shall take during these operations. The other circle which is below
is the place to be occupied by your Levite; you shall be clad as in the
days of the sacrificial ceremonies. Upon entering your circle you shall
have in your left hand the following figure. Your Levite shall follow
you in carrying the characters of revelation.

When you shall have arrived at the destined place, you shall give back
to your Levite the figure with which you entered; then the Levite having
occupied his, you shall bless his circle in pronouncing these sacred

NOTAMARGATET, -- bless that circle -- bless it YANODA -- bless it MIOLE
-- bless it ALAG -- bless it AOTHIO -- bless it SORIDIS -- blesws it
APHAL -- bless it AGEMO, bless it THOBASSA -- bless it ARIF -- bless it
BADORA, Thou who lives and reigns through all the centuries of the
centuries. Your Levite shall respond AMEN.

Next you shall invoke the spirits to whom I have given the power to
preside over the hours of the night in commencing from the side where

From the side where the sun sets: ELANA, LEPAB, USTAEL, THAERRUB,

From the highest side of the circle: ELIA, ELINA, AMIGABIREL.

From the lowest side of the circle: PEDINBAD, FIALECHAM, CHARSIEL.

You shall then make the following invocation on the side where the sun
rises, prostrated upon the ground:

and VIANOEL; we command you by Him by whom all things were made and by
all the other names of the ETERNAL, and by these:

Lord God exalted before you and represented invisibly near this circle;
let me know by a just inspiration if you judge me to be dignified by the
purity of my soul -- the places where there are mines of diamonds, gold,
and silver, those who find precious things lost in the seas -- to
prolong my life in health and that for a century -- I request these
favors to be granted without incurring danger, risk, or peril, by Y and
V which Adam understood, by the name AGLA for the preservation of Lot
and his family from the fire of Sodom and Gemorrha. By the name Joth,
for the deliverance of Jacob from the persecution of his brother. By
those of SOIGAD, YANADA, THEOS or NOTAMMARGATET, and by the other names
of the ALL-POWERFUL who truly lives and reigns. Such is the WILL of Him
who created all, and Whose empire endures through all the centuries of
the centuries.

Your Levite shall respond: AMEN.

You shall place upon your head with your left hand the figure which you
gave to your Levite; then if your soul is pure, it shall be exalted.
You shall feel yourself to be inspired; you shall lend an attentive ear
to all that which the aerial spirits shall whisper, having care to trace
from right to left on a brass plate the inspired characters which; you
shall bless with these words:

Blessed Be PAO.

THEOS. You may communicate these things to no person because you would
render unworthy my divine bounty and you would not have the success for
which you have obtained hope.

You shall then take the figure which was upon your head with the same
hand; then holding it in both hands and prostrating in adoration you
shall pronounce these characters:

In the name of the Eternal my God, true master of my body, my soul, and
my spirit, go, go in peace; retire that you may accompany me always, and
be ever ready to come when I shall call you.




Although alchemy is most often associated with the European Middle Ages, its roots stretch back to antiquity in the Near East and alchemical traditions existed in widely disparate cultures such as those of China, India and Egypt.

The core goal of alchemy was to create the Philosopher's Stone: a transmutation agent which could be used to turn base metals into gold and which, according to legend, had other properties, such as the ability to grant eternal life and perhaps to transmogrify the human form into some new type of androgynous perfection, blending the male and female into one.

But there was a spiritual aspect to the alchemists' quest which is often not appreciated today. Indeed, some believe that what the alchemists sought was essentially spiritual perfection and that the messing around with potions and alembics was only the earthly analogue of this higher pursuit. Some alchemists believed that only angels could carry out the required transmutation and that their task was to invoke angelic assistance in the correct way. As a result, alchemical literature is often deeply obscure, infused with mystical allegories and the rich interplay of symbols.

The story of the alchemists represents a fascinating chapter in the history of Western thought. Alchemy uniquely mixed age-old spiritual and occult traditions with the rise of modern science; it pre-occupied some of finest intellects who have ever lived. It still deserves our respect.



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We ride on the back of the Winged Dragon, when Draco was the circumpolar constellation, to the birth of myths that described cosmological changes and brought incomprehensible catastrophe from the Deluge of the Dragon Comet Taimat to our ancestors but led to the rebirth of the Dragon Bloodline and modern civilization. Discover the common root of the mysteries of qabalah, alchemy, magic, hermetics, tantra, The Bible, the Tree of Life, immortality, and Saint-Germain's formula for Dragon Immortality. Hermes, according to legend, was the sole receptacle of the secret doctrine of the antediluvian world, which he revived after the flood and passed down to the Kings - secret knowledge taught to man by a race of Gods or fallen angels.

The word "Dragon" is completely interchangeable in most myths with "The Serpent".  In fact, in most languages they are exactly the same word.  The Serpent, Snake and the Dragon represent "Wisdom" and "Self-Determination." The hermetic eye is a symbol of the pineal gland and its illuminative chemistry - DMT. The upside down triangle is called the Dragon's Eye and is related to all of the OTHER Eye symbols ie... the eye of Ra/Horus, the Illuminati Eye in the Triangle, Third Eye, the evil eye. Alpha Draconis is the name of the Egyptian Pole Star upon which the Pyramids of Egypt and the "Sphinx" were aligned.

This winged dragon is the symbolic superstar of The Triangle Book. In The Book of Lambspring. It represents the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World, which is the sum total of planetary existence -- the holographic blueprint on which form is based, the informational level or primal source of being - Zero Point. It is said that medicine providing the gift of youth can be made from its venom. Pineal secretions are analogous to the Elixir of Life or Philosopher's Stone, bestowing increased brain capacity, magical ability, and prolonged life.

"The Dragon" is a term I use generally to mean the dragon archetype resting within the Dragon blood and passed on through the genes. It is the conduit through which flow the memories of the wisdom and experience of the Dragons who have gone before. The word "dragon" is derived from the Greek "edrakon", which is an aorist of the word "derkesthai", which means "to see clearly". "The Dragon" therefore is the inherited Dragon archetype and that archetype is the conduit of clear sight through which racial knowledge flows. Clear sight also and principally refers to transcendent consciousness. Roughly ten percent of Europeans have Dragon blood, and stem from families whose physical attributes clearly point to a genetic inheritance over 100,000 years old. This figure is calculated from research deriving from studies by Oxford University and matched to historical accounts. The greatest magic of all is to be able to naturally still one's mind to the point where one sees that "all acts are magical acts." " -- Nicholas de Vere

PRECESSION: Alpha Draconis, Thuban (constellation Draco) was the naked-eye star closest to the North Pole from 3942 BC - 1793 BC. It was closest to the pole in 2787 BC, less than two and a half arc-minutes away from the pole. It remained within one degree of true north for nearly 200 years afterwards, and even 900 years after its closest approach, was just five degrees off the pole. Thuban was considered the pole star until about 1900 BC. The Great Pyramid is aimed at it.

NOTHING was, God willing, NOTHING became something,

I doubted it, I sought that on which the universe rests,

NOTHING preserves the equilibrium and serves to sustain.

Then, with the weight of praise and of blame.

I weighed the eternal, it called my soul,

I died, I adored, I knew NOTHING more.

~Saint-Germain, Philosophical Sonnet




Saint-Germain taught that man has in him infinite possibilities and that from the practical point of view, he must strive unceasingly to free himself from matter in order to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligences.

"The orbit (magic circle) which thou seest on the preceding page will serve thee as a model to make others which shall be nine cubits in diameter. Thou shalt use these to perform marvels, a priviledge which thy predecessors Beros and Sanchoniaton did not have. I give thee at the same time the intelligence of the characters in which is written my revelation so that thou mayest make use of them for three purposes: to find things lost in the seas since the upsetting of the globe (the Deluge); to discover mines of diamonds, gold and silver in the heart of the earth; to preserve the health and prolong the life to a century or over with the freshness of fifty years and the strength of that age."

In Jungian metaphor sunken treasure and buried diamonds or precious stones of the wise are submerged in our psyches, waiting to be drawn up to consciousness. Retrieval of these lost or hidden treasures means tapping the wisdom of the collective unconscious and its primordial images.


Water is transformative, the agent of metamorphosis linked to the alchemical operation of Solutio. The Earth is linked to the operation of Coagulatio. Therefore, we are reminded of the alchemical maxim "Solve et Coagula", the union of opposites. It is the formula for giving birth to a new life form, half organic and half spiritual. Only that which has first been separated can be properly rejoined.

Solutio, dissolving a solid into a liquid form, is a prerequisite for magical rebirth, a source of regeneration. In solutio, you reunite the powers of Above and Below, integrating spiritual powers for direction. It is continual meditation on the contents arising spontaneously from the depths of your psyche, then grounding them in day-to-day experience. This operation heals the split between the physical and spiritual. Only the best qualities of the ego survive solutio. The Self, the Stone becomes the new center of personality.


Miners dug into the earth to extract its minerals. But theirs was a sacred task, for metals are born in the womb of Earth. Miner, smelter and smith alike were engaged in the common task of assisting nature to come to fruition.

"VITRIOL" is a prescription to visit the interior of the earth and find the Philosopher's Stone by rectification. It suggest we mine our own depths. This grounding is also a move into manifestation based in spiritual depth. Paradoxically, Vitriol was the most important liquid in alchemy. All other reactions are contained or take place in it.

St. Germain's text suggests we go mining diamonds, gold and silver. The diamond is a symbol of the perfected Self, the higher Self. It is equivalent to the sacred geometry contained in the Diamond Body -- the Merkabah of the Kabbalists. The Rosicrucian motto V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Visita Interiorem Terrae Rectificandoque / Invenies Occultum Lapidem) is a code that urges us to "Visit the interior of the earth and… you will find the secret stone."

The precious metals, gold and silver represent the alchemical opposites of Sun and Moon, respectively -- archetypal male and female energy. The yang and yin of alchemy. In alchemical terms Sol/Gold stands for Light, Fire, Red, Sulpher, the Red Lion and The King. Luna/Silver is dark, left, water, white, mercury, The Queen and the White Eagle. Luna is the Lesser Work of Alchemy, Sol is the Greater Work. The philosophical Gold, like the Lapis or Stone is a symbol of the goal of alchemical transmutation from mundane Lead.

Thus, we have the injunction to perform the rite when sun, earth and moon are in conjunction, when Sun and Moon are one...or "married" in alchemical terms. It could indicate an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon which occur during such alignment.


St. Germain claimed to possess the secret of eternal youth, one of the two traditional goals of alchemy. He never seemed to age. For an entire century he maintained the physical appearance of a man between forty and fifty years old. He could do just about anything. Baron de Gleichen tells in Sourvenirs de Charles Hemri, baron de Gleichen (1868), that according to his acquaintances, St. Germain had the appearance of a man of fifty years old.


The alchemists wrote using symbols, the universal language. Great truths are often taught using symbolism, parables or metaphor, which can be interpreted on many different levels.

All of the outer procedures have an inner correspondent, so they describe inner experiences as well as those in the chemical laboratory. This is the Hermetic Law: "As above; so below. As without; so within." The first goal is to find the Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of Life, the Key to Immortality. Then, the Stone is applied to the lead, or man himself, to change it into gold, or the immortal self.

The method is the harmonizing of duality. Alchemy is not a religious, metaphysical, nor ethical pursuit. It looks on the play of the powers of the Soul from a purely cosmological point of view, treating the soul as a ‘substance' to be purified, dissolved and crystallized anew.

St. Germain: "The Man Who Never Dies"

The Hungarian magus, St. Germain was among the most famous Adepts of Europe. The Comte de St. Germain, “der Wundermann,” is a legendary figure. Little historical fact is known of this Hungarian Adept, a genius or charlatan, depending on your point of view.

The Rosicrucians claim he was Sir Francis Bacon in a previous, or perhaps even extended life. New Agers count him among the Ascended Masters. He is strongly linked with the Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Knights Templar. He could allegedly astral travel or bilocate and produced an elixer of youth.

The self-styled Count has shadowy origins and his birth and death dates are unknown, as is his true identity. He was thought to be the love child of the widow of Charles II of Spain, or a Sephardic Jew from Portugal, although Theosophists glorify him as the son of Francis Racoczi II, the prince of Transylvania.

The Count was an international spy, ringleader of secret societies, enlightened visionary and proponent of U.S. freedom, urging on the Founding Fathers, including Washington and Franklin, in their faltering moments. He worked behind the scenes for a United States of Europe. He carried much of Bacon's agenda and political philosophy forward in a rapidly changing world, ratifying the magical current of Roger Bacon, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, and himself.


Iona Miller

Iona Miller, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for both the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of sacred activism, intelligence, science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, and society. Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future?

Performance artist and spywhisperer, Ms. Miller writes for the international academic and popular press and is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Autonomedia, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network, PM&E, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, OAK, DNA Monthly, Pop Occulture, Schiffer, Bolero, Science-Art Research Centre, and more. She serves on the Boards of, and The Wisdom Center, nonprofit organizations. Recent contributions include print articles in Der Golem (Germany), Paranoia zine #44, #46 (USA), JNLRMI (Russia), Antibiothis (Portugal), The Art of Fetish (Miami), and Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India). Her artwork has shown in Miami, Phoenix, New York, and more. She has appeared in 21st Century Radio, Untamed Dimensions, Reality Portal, Digital Long Island, etc.


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