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Decoding the Triangle Book of Saint-Germain by Iona Miller, 2007

We ride on the back of the Winged Dragon to the birth of myths that describe cosmological changes and brought incomprehensible catastrophe to our ancestors but led to the rebirth of modern civilization. Discover the common root of the mysteries of qabalah, alchemy, magic, hermetics, tantra, The Bible, the Tree of Life, immortality, and more.

The book itself is triangular in shape, on vellum, and written in cipher with the exception of the title page. The cipher itself is quite simple, belonging to the class found in Masonic documents, and decodes into French.

It is titled The Sacred Magic Revealed to Moses, recovered in an Egyptian monument and carefully preserved in Asia under the Device of a Winged Dragon...written about 1750. On the first page above a wyvern are the words: "By the gift of the most wise Comte de St.-Germain who passed through the circle of the earth." The writing itself belongs to a class known as Grimoire or Manuals of Ceremonial Magic.

It is quite possible that the simple process of decoding does not reveal the true text. The document has sub rosa magical, alchemical and qabalistic symbolism relating to esoteric philosophy and Masonry.

Saint-Germain taught that man has in him infinite possibilities and that from the practical point of view, he must strive unceasingly to free himself from matter in order to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligences.

Alchemical Prescription

"The orbit (magic circle) which thou seest on the preceding page will serve thee as a model to make others which shall be nine cubits in diameter. Thou shalt use these to perform marvels, a priviledge which thy predecessors Beros and Sanchoniaton did not have. I give thee at the same time the intelligence of the characters in which is written my revelation so that thou mayest make use of them for three purposes: to find things lost in the seas since the upsetting of the globe (the Deluge); to discover mines of diamonds, gold and silver in the heart of the earth; to preserve the health and prolong the life to a century or over with the freshness of fifty years and the strength of that age."