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Secrets of the Adept’s Life & Code

By Iona Miller, 2007

St. Germain left several clues to his life and works in his legendary TRIANGLE BOOK, which has been locked away from the eyes of the world for centuries. He used keywords for illuminating his arcane and encoded message and disguising his Universal Medicine as the Philosopher’s Stone ~ Zero-Point Medicine. Today, we are gaining awareness of our own field bodies as the basis of energy medicine and the link to Light as our true source.

"The union of spirit and flesh is the 'one thing' spoken of by Hermes Trismegistus, who was also known as Mercurius, in his Emerald Tablet; it is the aqua vitae and quintessence of Alchemy; it is the Qi of Chinese Qigong; it is the Tao of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; it is the Mysterious Female and tenuous Matter of mystic Taoism; in Hinduism it is represented by Ardhanarisvara, who is the union of Shiva and Shakti, of being and non-being; it is the Great Way into Zen stillness, the Mother Luminosity or Rainbow Body of Dzogchen Buddhism, and the enlightened Body of Buddha; it is the Tree of Life, linking Heaven and Earth; it is the transfiguration of the canononical Gospels, and the 'rapture' of Revelation; it is "of movement, and of rest", as declared by Christ in the Gospel of Thomas, and "The Word become flesh", of the Gospel of John; it is the ascension to unity spoken of in the New Age movement, and it is the eternal Om of the Goddessakshmi; it is the foundation of the Kabbalah; it is the unified wave structure of the new physics, and dark matter of astrophysics; it is the body electric of Walt Whitman, and the body divine. In short, the union of spirit and flesh is the essential component of all progressive cosmologies, for it is the true Enlightenment."

The Count's keywords take us time travelling back through the dawn of human history and into Primordial Light. We ride on the back of the Winged Dragon to the birth of myths that described cosmological changes and brought incomprehensible catastrope to our ancestors but led to the rebirth of modern civilization. Discover the common root of the mysteries of qabalah, alchemy, magic, hermetics, tantra, The Bible, the Tree of Life, immortality, and more.

To unlock the secrets of Saint-Germain, we have to learn to think like an alchemist.The main purpose of the Opus is to create a transcendent, miraculous substance which is variously symbolized as the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life, or the universal medicine (panacea). The procedure is, first, to find the suitable material, the so called prima materia (lead), and then to subject it to a series of operations which will turn it into the Philosopher's Stone (gold). Devoid of the turbulence of mental images, awareness is luminous and vivid with tremendous potential for concentration.

The First Matter is a homogenous unity of Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. It is therefore 'three,' but can also be expressed as 'four' elements, which are again essentially 'one.' In alchemy it is expressed as the axiom of Maria Prophetessa: 'one becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the One as the fourth.' Plasma is both the fourth and first state of matter (the others being liquid, gas and solid), the biophotonic basis of our existence as living light.

Nature reveals the quintessence of herself through our own deepest nature in the union of body, soul and spirit. As Above; So Below. From the original unity comes duality, from duality comes dynamic process, fate and destiny, and out of that trinity comes the one, this time as the fourth, which is integrity of being, totally in harmony with the Self, in other words, truth of being in the becoming.





INTRODUCTION - Keys to St. Germain

CHAPTER I - Arcane Drama

CHAPTER II – Universal Medicine

CHAPTER III – Light of Egypt

CHAPTER IV – Masonic Secrets

CHAPTER V – Tales From the Cryptogram

CHAPTER VI – Triangle Book Operations

CHAPTER VII – Dragon Sign

CHAPTER VIII – The Great Flood

CHAPTER IX – Buried Treasures

CHAPTER X – Hermetica

CHAPTER XI – Body of Light










The "Saint" Who Was an Adept; Scratch a Magus, Find a Spy


"Curious scrutator of all nature,

I have seen gold thick in the depths of the double mercury.

I have seized its substance and surprised its changing.

I explain by that art the soul with the womb of a mother,

Make its home, take it away, and as a kernel

Placed against a grain of wheat, under the humid pollen;

The one plant and the other vine-stock, are the bread and wine.

NOTHING was, God willing, NOTHING became something,

I doubted it, I sought that on which the universe rests,

NOTHING preserves the equilibrium and serves to sustain.

Then, with the weight of praise and of blame.

I weighed the eternal, it called my soul,

I died, I adored, I knew NOTHING more."

--trans. Manley Palmer Hall in Sages & Seers, from original ms. in British Museum


Saint-Germain was never a Catholic saint, but the Count was an initiate, alchemist, jeweler, virtuoso musician, composer, healer, international spy, ringleader of secret societies, enlightened visionary, freedom fighter and proponent of U.S. independence, urging on the Founding Fathers in their faltering moments. He worked behind the scenes for universal enlightenment, democratization and a United States of Europe. He carried much of Bacon's New Atlantis agenda and political philosophy of Magical Revolution forward in a rapidly changing world, ratifying the magical current of Roger Bacon, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, and himself. His two known works are Trinosophia and The Triangle Book. The first is an initiation allegory, the second a cipher book of secret hidden treasures of history, magic, and immortality.

"The GOOD, Asclepius, must be a thing that is devoid of all movement and all becoming, and has a motionless activity that is centered in itself; a thing that lacks nothing, and is not assailed by perturbations; a thing that is wholly filled with abundance of all that is desired. Everything that furnishes any sort of supply is called good; but the Good is the one thing which is the source of all things, and supplies all things at all times." ~Hermes

"The Stone overcomes everything to which it is applied, and tinges foreign bodies with it own color...Know that unless you operate upon bodies until they are destroyed and their soul is extracted, with such you will never tinge any body, for nothing tinges which has not iself been tinged." ~The Book of Alze


First and foremost Saint-Germain was an initiate. His occult knowledge came from Hungary, Persia, Egypt, Britain, Italy, France, India, Tibet and the Far East. Having learned initiatory techniques from many ancient cultures, he passed them on in stages to his brothers in secret societies, like Hermes would explain the various stages of attainment.

Shamanic rites arose among hunter-gatherers, while death/rebirth is a motif of agrarian society. It allows a personal encounter with wisdom. Hermetics and Kabbala are means of systematically educating the mindbody and spirit. One becomes rooted in the Self.

The dual principle of initiation is Initiation as Education and Initiation as Liberation. The Fear of Death is our primal motivator and Rebirth is the promise of nature, as resurrection, psychic liberation, or enlightenment is the promise of spirit.

Death and rebirth is a natural cycle and cosmic pattern. The symbolic life leads toward an ecstatic demolition of the ego and liberation of a transcendent, individual nature. But the way is precarious and no certain goals are ever in sight.

What happens when we die is a primal question. How we answer it is our belief paradigm. Mankind has always had the capacity to trance-out or appropriate another mode of being transcending the human condition.

The old self dies in rebirth to an unconditioned mode of being. The initiate creates a new body, a Body of Light, which is a spiritual body that becomes one's vehicle of consciousness. It is the object of the Opus, the refining of the gross material of the body-soul complex.

We can call it Nirvana, Primordial Awareness, or Resurrection or the Philosopher's Stone.



The Key to One's Ultimate Truth: Passages from the diary of the Comte de Saint Germain