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Translation, according to Robert Word's notes, 1979

The Triangular Book of the Count of St. Germain

The Holy Magic revealed to Moses discovered within an Egyptian monument and preciously preserved in Asia under the emblem of a winged dragon.

1. To find things lost in the seas since the flooding of the globe.

2.To discover mines and diamonds, gold and silver within the bowels of
the earth.

3. To preserve one's health and prolong one's life for a
century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of
that age.

You should do your operations for the first two objects only
when the sun, earth, and moon are found in conjunction in the same line,
and within the same plane. As for the third marvel, you may perform the
operation at any time, but it is necessary to carry on your person a
figure like that which you see here.

You shall take an appropriate vase (made of any material) and fill it
with fire which you shall exorcise in the following manner:

O Creature of Fire, I excorcise you by Him by whom all things were made
in order that you shall remove from yourself all phantoms.

Bless it, O eternal Father, for the glory of thy holy and immortel Name.
Thou who lives and reigns through all the centuries of the centures.

A Levite which you shall have with you shall respond: AMEN. Next, you
shall bless the incense and four lamps in the following manner: O
eternal God, sovereign Being, bless this incense and these lamps in
order that their strength and their virtue shall augment the fear of
their enemies, that they may not enter herein. Thou who lives and
reigns through all the centuries of the centuries. Your Levite
responds: AMEN.

You shall pour this incense so blessed upon the fire and light the lamps
before your operations. The small concentric circle is the place which
you shall take during these operations. The other circle which is below
is the place to be occupied by your Levite; you shall be clad as in the
days of the sacrificial ceremonies. Upon entering your circle you shall
have in your left hand the following figure. Your Levite shall follow
you in carrying the characters of revelation.

When you shall have arrived at the destined place, you shall give back
to your Levite the figure with which you entered; then the Levite having
occupied his, you shall bless his circle in pronouncing these sacred

NOTAMARGATET, -- bless that circle -- bless it YANODA -- bless it MIOLE
-- bless it ALAG -- bless it AOTHIO -- bless it SORIDIS -- bless it
APHAL -- bless it AGEMO, bless it THOBASSA -- bless it ARIF -- bless it
BADORA, Thou who lives and reigns through all the centuries of the
centuries. Your Levite shall respond AMEN.

Next, you shall invoke the spirits to whom I have given the power to
preside over the hours of the night in commencing from the side where

From the side where the sun sets: ELANA, LEPAB, USTAEL, THAERRUB,

From the highest side of the circle: ELIA, ELINA, AMIGABIREL.

From the lowest side of the circle: PEDINBAD, FIALECHAM, CHARSIEL.

You shall then make the following invocation on the side where the sun
rises, prostrated upon the ground:

and VIANOEL; we command you by Him by whom all things were made and by
all the other names of the ETERNAL, and by these:

IANODA, EL MIHOLES, HOLAE MEBOTH, NOLICSAZ, and NOTAMMARGATEL who is the Lord God exalted before you and represented invisibly near this circle; let me know by a just inspiration if you judge me to be dignified by the purity of my soul -- the places where there are mines of diamonds, gold, and silver, those who find precious things lost in the seas -- to prolong my life in health and that for a century -- I request these favors to be granted without incurring danger, risk, or peril, by Y and V which Adam understood, by the name AGLA for the preservation of Lot and his family from the fire of Sodom and Gemorrha. By the name Joth, for the deliverance of Jacob from the persecution of his brother. By those of SOIGAD, YANADA, THEOS or NOTAMMARGATET, and by the other names of the ALL-POWERFUL who truly lives and reigns. Such is the WILL of Him who created all, and Whose empire endures through all the centuries of the centuries.

Your Levite shall respond: AMEN.

You shall place upon your head with your left hand the figure which you
gave to your Levite; then if your soul is pure, it shall be exalted.
You shall feel yourself to be inspired; you shall lend an attentive ear
to all that which the aerial spirits shall whisper, having care to trace
from right to left on all that which the aerial spirits shall whisper, having care to trace
from right to left on a brass plate the inspired characters which; you
shall bless with these words:

Blessed Be PAO. THEOS. You may communicate these things to no person because you would render unworthy my divine bounty and you would not have the success for which you have obtained hope.

You shall then take the figure which was upon your head with the same
hand; then holding it in both hands and prostrating in adoration you
shall pronounce these characters:

In the name of the Eternal my God, true master of my body, my soul, and
my spirit, go, go in peace; retire that you may accompany me always, and be ever ready to come when I shall call you.



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