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SAINT GERMAIN 2012: Saint Germain wrote 2 books, Trinisophia and the Triangular Book. The former is linked to the Precession 2012: "The keynote throughout this material is that of the approach of the age when the Leg of the Grand Man and the Waterman of the Zodiac [Orion & Aquarius?] shall meet in conjunction at the equinox and end a grand 400,000 year cycle. This points to a culmination of eons, as mentioned in the Apocalypse: “BEHOLD! I MAKE A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH," MEANING A SERIES OF NEW CYCLES AND A NEW HUMANITY...”


 This winged dragon is the symbolic superstar of The Triangle Book. In The Book of Lambspring, it represents the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World, which is the sum total of planetary existence -- the holographic blueprint on which form is based, the informational level or primal source of being - Zero Point. It is said that medicine providing the gift of youth can be made from its venom.

CIRCUMPUNCT Magic Circle  - The prototype of the Eye in the Triangle, a circle with a dot in the middle is a symbol of the sun, the alchemical gold and the sphere of Tiphareth (the heart center) in the Tree of Life and the hydrogen atom. Mirroring the Vedic Bindu point, it encodes the superstructure of the Zodiacal year, of time and space and is the key to the cyclic geometry of the Precession of the Equinoxes. It mirrors the Self or Oneness with the cosmos. The magic circle mirrors the Gnostic circle of the heavens as a portal into sacred time, merging individual and collective consciousness. "As Above, So Below." It is this sacred geometry that encodes the Treasure of The Triangular Book and the secret passed down from Egypt and preserved in Asia.

"The small concentric circle is the place which
you shall take during these operations. The other circle which is below
is the place to be occupied by your Levite"

This Key marks the zero-point of the Precession. The Dot, or Point represents the absorption of the All, of Creation, into its Origin. The Point correlates with the Origin.Material creation enfolded back into the Source, dissolving manifestation in the ocean of its Origin. The Dot is thus equal to the Circle. It is the Circle, just as each degree or dot of the Circle represents the entire Circle, and consequently the Dot contains all and any possibility of material manifestation. 




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