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IONA MILLER, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for both the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, intelligence and society. She has an extensive background in magical and alchemical text and their Jungian background, including THE MODERN ALCHEMIST: A Guide to Personal Transformation (1994), which discusses several alchemical operations in contemporary terms. See THE MODERN ALCHEMIST

The same processes which motivated both Lambspring and St. Germain's Triangle Book manuscripts are still active in each of us, although we may not be consciously aware of them. This book is a description in alchemical terms of the process of psychological transformation.

This process was shown by C.G. Jung to be analogous to the process of individuation or coming-to-wholeness, experienced by many modern individuals. Hermetic philosophy is the common ground between alchemy and depth psychology. It is a means of acquiring a working relationship with the dynamic forces of the subconscious and the divine process represented by the Self.



The Light shines upon Alchemy at last!, May 12, 2005
Reviewer: J.R.R.Abrahão (aka) "Mad Abe" "jrra"

I just read the last sentence on this most amazing book and I feel it changed me forever - and for better. I've read all the other works by Richard Alan Miller (and the ones by Iona Miller, too), and all those books are very good at least in the path, to say so. But this book astonished me! I'm a rather complex person. Today, I feel the effects of my past experiences upon my life. With my operational background, it seems surprising to some that I'm an occultist, or a magician, if you will. Alt. I'm an author of several books on Magick, I'm still after the "Light" on several obscure topics, some of them that really haunt me day after day. C'mom, I'm not "Average Joe", and as such many complex things haunts me and I can not leave them alone.

Untill reading this "Magnum Opus", I must say my understanding of Alchemy was not practical and in no way it can change anything on me. But this book tells it all, shedding Light on the most hermetical teachings, upon the most inner secrets, guarded for centuries from the human race. Richard and Iona Miller's book s the first one to show is everything about such secrets as Baphomet and it's message (Solve & Coagula), the Dragon, the Wolf and the Dog, the Prima Materia and Materia Prima, the Nigredo, the Solutio, Coagulatio, Sublimatio, Albedo, Rubedo, Coniunctio, Solificatio, Puer & Senex, the Devouring Father, Anima & Animus, the Ultima Materia, Archetypes, the Holly Guardian Angel, the reality about the Philosopher's Stone, the origins of The Book of Lambsprinck, plus the occult side of depression, phobias, anxiety and other modern "demons", besides the profiles of great Alchemy Masters of yesterday. Joel Radcliffe's alchemical illustrations are superb, and worth the book's price alone. I must congratulate the authors and publishers for this magnificent work. This is a must for any occultist's bookshelf. It is pure gold in book format.



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5.0 out of 5 stars Am often overlooked treasure! Kabbalah, History, Herbs...., December 5, 2000
By Kirsten M. Houseknecht)
Many people see the word "perfumes" and, figuring that they don't need a whole book on perfume, pass this book by. This is unfortunate, as this book is one of the treasures in my library! I cannot recommend this book highly enough, even if you are downright allergic to perfume!

The book does cover perfume, and is a valuable reference on perfumes in all their uses, BUT it is not only about perfume. This book is one of the best primers on Kabbalistic thought, the tree of life, and ritual magic that a beginner (or advanced) student could hope for. The first few chapters are a basic primer on kabbalistic theory that is seldom equalled in clarity and usefullness, including a very clear example of the middle pillar excersize. The next chapters focus on perfume and incense blending, both for pleasing scents and for magical use.

For the herbal students the middle of the book is the most rewarding. Every point or path on the tree of life is associated with a perfume/incense/scent. Each plant or animal source of that scent is discussed in detail. (Including synthetic, cruelty free, alternatives to the traditional musk and other animal scents) The entry on Olibanum, Frankincense, begins on page 59 and takes three pages, covering history, trade, uses, value, botony, and blending scents. Since every card in a Tarot deck corresponds with a sphere or path on the tree of life, it is also a useful addition to Tarot meditations.

Towards the end of the book, as a delightful bonus, all the planetary rulers and influences, and their typical correspondances and God-forms, are discussed.

This book is a MUST HAVE for any ritual magician, any student of incense or perfume,and anyone studying Kabbalah. I consider it a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in magic, aromatherapy, or incense making. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the history and trade of incense and perfume, which makes this a perfect gift for anyone in one of the historical re-enactment groups.


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5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Intersting (and Overlooked) Text, May 1, 2002
By A Customer
This somewhat obscure volume deserves more recognition, particularly within the occult circles to which it is addressed. This book gives ample treatment to the subject of metaphysical perfumery--that is, the ritual use of scent within a magickal context. Not only that, but the book has brief discussions on Qabala and also contains some basic directions for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Middle Pillar exercise, which should already be familiar to the practicing ceremonial magician. Anybody at any level of occult development could find something of use in this book. The rudiments of perfumery are explained here. Later, various perfume scents are associated with Tarot, Qabala and astrology in a way that will likely prove indispensable to the working magician. Even if you're not interested in the magickal aspects of perfumes and just want a good basic guide to the art of perfumery, this text will likely serve you well. It's a professional and knowledgeable guide to one of the lesser-researched areas of metaphysics--the art of scent and its relation to ritual.


The Cipher Text of the Triangle Book of St. Germain

This French text from the MPH bibliography appears to be provenance, describing whose collection it came from -- an earlier New York owner of the text, rather than a page of the MS itself on the magical rite.


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Was St. Germain actually Sir Francis Bacon in his past life? Did Bacon pen the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare. Both were quite familiar with cipher codes and were often employed as spies.  They were prominent members of secret societies and great adepts and both were known for their genius.

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